Lets try this again…

So I wrote out a huge blog about my son possibly having dyslexia and I come back to finish it from my drafts box…. and it is gone.

The fact is, I have so much I would like to say, share, discuss, and yet I come to the keyboard and go……….. bllllltptptptptptpt paaaah, got nothin.

I have decided, maybe I should start with  journal type entries. I hope not to bore those reading it either. so here goes…..

I received a new calling today in church (a calling is a members “job” within the church, a personal responsibility to contribute to each other) and I am now the Co-leader of Provident living committee.  What I do is help to plan activities for the women of our ward (church group by area) in learning and becoming self reliant in the gospel, the home, and in life. We teach and learn many things from baking and sewing to food storage, supporting our leadership, and financial preparedness.

I am beyond excited about this because, it is everything I strive to learn and do for my own family. I have a personal testimony of the sisterhood, friendship, and harmony that these activities bring to someone who has lost all hope of happiness. Not too many years ago I was such a soul, at the brink of losing

it all, including my sanity. My Bishop basically ordered me to start attending these activities in Sc, and I made the best of friends, found and embraced so many of my talents, and mended my marriage! Now I am one of those who can bring the joy of happiness to someone. I fully intend to be the vessel that Heavenly Father needs me to be in order to reach each and every sister who is in need of happiness. Also to uplift those who have their happiness, I mean who doesn’t need uplifting right?

My only prayer is that I do a good job, I don’t want to let anyone down.



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