The things I forget to enjoy…

A while back I wrote a facebook post very similar to this subject, and many mothers commented on how it meant so much that I had brought light to this… So I hope to elaborate here:

My children, they are noisy and destroy my home, fight consistently, need so much, drive me absolutely insane! But…. it is that glorious insanity that I forget to enjoy.

The noise of children playing that fills my home; the science experiments of food that my daughter has so much fun creating in my kitchen; the beautiful imagination that my 2 and 6yr olds have when they play. I take it all for granted, I forget to enjoy these things.

As all moms probably do I get overwhelmed at times, and I just want to lock myself in my room for a bit because I just want to quit. Sometimes I do go to my room, its ok to do that. Other times I just stop, sit, and watch. My beautiful children…. their smiles,  hugs, minds. How amazing they are, they are intelligent too! Seriously, watch your little one sometime, they are really full of so much knowledge; they problem solve and pretend, and enjoy all the little things in this world.

We can learn so much from them too. How fascinating is a snail to you? You see a slimy thing that can be annoying when they leave those slime trails all over your siding on the house… Now let a child explore and enjoy a snail… they see the really neat slime trail that is created by the snail, the cool way the shell sits on its back without falling and the shape and twirls in the shell. The hilarious way the little eye stalks retract when they touch it, and how it can squirm into the shell for protection. Gosh these children really know how to appreciate the world.

How easily do we forget to enjoy these little things of motherhood and life. How quickly can we let the adversary convince us to lose our minds with the stress of caring for a life.

I watch my babies sleep sometimes, the angelic faces… it gives you a little glimpse of heaven. The smile and mumbles as they dream; the way they breath and lay so comfortable looking. You can’t help but feel your heart soar!

I plan to start enjoying the little things more… the housework can wait just a little longer, the stress can hold off for just a few more moments… as I watch my beautiful babies grow up, because someday I won’t have that luxury anymore.



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