Whew, Monday again…. So much sickness!

I completely missed Saturday posting.

It was my birthday!!!!! AND I was sick with bronchitis!!!!! Oh the joys of hacking up ones lung while trying to enjoy a day that is meant for them….. can you hear the sarcasm?

Then I also had my 2 yr old come down with strep… and of course in the middle of the night, last night, my son started vomiting. This morning when I went to wake my already sick 2 yr old, I found her vomiting all over herself too!! Then my co-worker called and said she was very ill and was hoping I was better so I could cover her shift because her son also had the FLU….. We are the only two employees so the situation looked bleak.

So, now I am officially calling a TIME OUT! Can the ref please throw down the flag now?!?!

I absolutely love my children, but it sure is discouraging when they all get sick at the same time. Do you have any idea what it is like going to an urgent care to check in 6 CHILDREN at once!? They look at you like your nuts! Then there is the paperwork…… OH THE PAPERWORK! Of course one place here has some really neat little iPad type things you can do the paperwork on. Still tedious though trying to fill it out for 6 children.

It really twerks my nerve that my childrens pediatrician will only allow me to schedule 2 children a day to be seen for sick visits. If all 6 are sick, and they are cooperative children I can assure you, then you can make 6 times as much money in that 1 hour! I work in medicine, so I know it really doesn’t take that much longer to have a few more seen. ESPECIALLY if they all have the same problem! So why inconvenience me and make the other children suffer a day or two longer than the others!!! I mean that’s douchery there.

I’m sure they have some reason for it…..

Well, thats what I have out there for you now…. I promise I will get better at this blog thing.



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