All about Diantha

Before I go ahead and tell you why, let me just tell you what you will think of me…
1. Insane
2. Hands full
3. Must be tired
4. Where do you get the energy?
5. anything else that refers to having lost my marbles.


I am a 30yr old, married, mother of 6. I am also a Certified Medical Assistant, Homeschooling mother, was previously a volunteer Firefighter, Who is also attending more college to further my education in Medicine. My ultimate goals are 1. Become a Nurse Practitioner (because I can do everything a doctor could, make the money, yet not have as much debt) 2. Successfully raise and teach my children to become educated contributing members of society who always strive to better themselves and the world around them. 3. Owning a farm someday…. 🙂
I am funny, passionate, determined, hard headed, loving, etc.  HOWEVER, If you don’t like me or have a problem with what I wanna say on my blog then don’t read, don’t comment, and DON’T bother me.. because I will not change for anyone 🙂


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